Frequently Asked Questions

What does copyright release to print mean?  
This means that when you pay for your shoot, you purchase the right to print the photos up to 5"x7".  You will receive a flash drive with high resolution jpegs, and once you are in possession of this drive, you can print the photos where ever you'd like.  You can order your own prints, use the images to make all of the great things on crafty photo sites, and you can post them on the internet.  On your flash drive, you will also get smaller files that work well for uploading to the internet.  They include a watermark with my studio name, and I ask that you use these photos if you post them to facebook, pinterest, etc.

Can I order prints from you?  
Of course! I have a wonderful selection of sizes and styles, including custom sizes, canvas and beautiful prints on wood.  While you are able to print small sizes where ever you'd like with your copyright release to print, large prints need to come from me. The prints that you can order on your own are never as good as the prints I can order as a professional studio, and I can't guarantee the quality of the image from other printers.  Plus, you might find that these prints are more affordable than those from other professional photographers.  I also give you a credit towards prints as part of your package!

If I get my own small prints, do you have a store or website that you recommend?
The best, by far, is  These are reasonably priced and much better quality than most developers. They have recently expanded their crafty offerings (coffee cups, canvas prints, calendars, etc.) and I highly recommend them.  You just paid good money to have these pictures taken -- don't waste these beautiful images with low quality prints!

How soon will I get my pictures?
Anywhere from a couple of days (for a short shoot) to two weeks (a full wedding session).

What should I wear?  
Generally, avoid busy prints and wearing outfits that match exactly.  You want a bit of contrast, or you'll look like floating heads in a sea of one color.  Here is an image with some great examples.  When in doubt, go with neutrals (grey, brown, tan, and sometimes denim) with a pop of color!

I ran across this photo in Pinterest, but the link was broken.  If you know who created it, let me know and I'll credit them.

Here is another good one:

Bing : family picture outfit ideas @Liberty Eerdmans  show your mom :)

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