Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fun Wintery Family Shoot

I really enjoyed a wintery day in the woods with Joel, Kathrine, and their adorable kiddos.

Mostly, we played in the snow.

All of the kids would gather under a tree and Joel would shake the snow onto them.

And they thought it was fantastic fun.

After a bit of that, we cleaned of the snow as best we could and went for a walk to the pond.

And then headed back to the field...

And found, of all things, a caterpillar hiding on a snowy leaf.  

And then had a snow ball fight.

And there was only one minor injury.

We got one more shot of mom and dad.

And went home for hot cocoa.

It must have been pretty fun, because whenever these kids see me at school, they give me a hug and call me "that picture lady," which just makes my heart sing.

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